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Get To Know Us

We are a team of NIASZIIH practitioners committed in our vision to offer healing for ourselves, for people, and for the earth. With our passion, we offer a donation based healing clinic for our community and those in need, in order to create an accessible, open, and compassionate environment for you on your healing journey. Each clinic two or more of our healers below will work with you to guide you in your healing journey. If you wish to get in touch with any of our healers personally, we have contact information linked in our bios, or send us an email

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Carleigh Fairchild

Healing 7 NIASZIIH Practitioner

Carleigh Fairchild is an adventurer and a seeker of wisdom. Beginning as a teenager she learned and loved the skills of the land; gardening, foraging, starting fires, building shelters, processing animal hides, and weaving baskets. Living in western North Carolina, Carleigh is a NIASZIIH practitioner, an earth skills mentor, and an inspirational speaker. Having spent a lot of time living solo on the land Carleigh brings to her healing work a passion for connecting to the earth, and the ability to hold and ask questions from many perspectives.



Dave Treadwell

Healing 7 NIASZIIH Practitioner

I view a client’s life as a landscape to be explored and discovered.  To understand the deeper reasons behind an illness or problem, I am trained to always be asking ‘Why?’, ‘What does this mean?’, and to look for connections between the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual, as well as past events to discover how these things influence us.  I am trained to view a person’s life and health as Landscape that holds the clues to healing.

I am trained to follow any clue, no matter how small, to help my clients heal, and to consider nothing as inconsequential.  During a healing, I ask the body ‘What needs to happen, shift, or change?’ in order to heal.  I listen to the response, both internally and externally, and work to help the body achieve that, whether through moving energy, disempowering long-held beliefs, bringing balance, providing a new perspective, or working with past events. 

I typically work with long-held emotional issues, issues with grief or depression, issues surrounding guilt or shame, or beliefs around not being ‘enough’.  This year, 2021, I am looking forward to working more with cancer and auto-immune clients.

Outside of Earthwork, I enjoy camping, hiking, tracking, wilderness survival skills, primitive skills, biking to work, music, listening to college football on the radio, gardening, house projects, and being a husband and a father.  I also work as a civil engineer.


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Ruth Manning

Healing 7 NIASZIIH Practitioner

I have been playing in the woods and painting my entire life. In the mid- 1970s I studied Art at Munson Williams Proctor Arts Institute in Utica, NY. 
In the mid-1990s I began attending classes at Tom Brown, Jr’s Tracker School where my appreciation of the natural world began to deepen. Through the Tracker School classes I became interested in energy healing work and also started studying herbalism, both at the Tracker School and with Patricia Chichon of Lambertville, NJ. 
In the summer of 2012, I learned about Wilderness Fusion and that autumn, right after Superstorm Sandy hit the East Coast and caught up in the whirlwind, I began my studies there. This last December, I finished my 7th year of Niasziih training. 
Three years ago I began to hold Niasziih Healing Clinics in my home as a way to help wildernessFusion students come together and do the work. I am very happy that we will be able to continue this work in a different format for the time being. I currently reside in Central New York State, north of Utica. I am working remotely with clients and am also available to do distanced landscape healings in person for those interested. 



Emily Shaw

NIASZIIH Healing Year 7

As a licensed massage therapist, NIASZIIH Healing and Bodywork Practitioner, ancestral skill educator, and farmer, Emily infuses years of working with the physical, emotional, and spiritual body alongside years of working with her own personal healing journey and inner initiation as a catalyst for this healing work. She bridges this experience and passion with ancestral skills, plant spirit medicine, herbal healing, and a drive for regenerative agriculture to provide a container that meets the client in various healing perspectives to discover the capacity of who they truly are and desire to be.



Nancye Good

NIASZIIH Healing Year 6

A passion for learning and sharing ancestral skills with children, families and teens finds Nancye on this journey towards Niasziih healing work. Former work as an interpreter and journalist for Japanese television helped hone Nancye's curiosity about the mystery of the world, and wonder about the different perspectives that can exist.


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Ivan Matsumoto

NIASZIIH Healing Year 5

Working as a hairstylist for over 20+ years, I’ve learned that we all are here dealing with our own life struggles and lessons... to survive and thrive with love, joy and happiness. Gaining different perspectives from different individuals, I have learned to love all aspects of life. I walk the path of a NIAISZIIH practitioner’s healing journey. Inspired by people, nature and the serendipity of life. I want to work together to create a World of healing. Let the healing begin...


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Sarah Sheppard

NIASZIIH Healing Year 5

As a hairstylist and empath, Sarah has been helping her clients see themselves from a new perspective for the past 15 years.  She combines her love of beauty, self care, and shadow work to help others explore their external and internal landscapes.  Her personal struggle with addiction opened the door to her own Healing Journey years ago.  As a NAISZIIH practitioner, she uses her sensitivity as her gift, wandering through the wild places that exist within each one of us.

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Taryn FitzGerald

NIASZIIH Healing Year 4

Living in NYC, Taryn has always found refuge and inspiration in nature, which has allowed her to slow down and tune in to herself as well as to the wonders of Earth, its creatures, and the Cosmos. Inspired by her own healing journey, Taryn knits this deep nature connection with her work as an artist & writer to help clients visualize more space around the choices they are making in their lives. She holds a certificate in Foundation Studies in Anthroposophy as well as experience in many healing modalities, culminating now in her work as a Niasziih practitioner.


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Krista Bowman

NIASZIIH Healing Year 4

Krista is a mama, intuitive healer, and an environmental educator. Through her personal journey with trauma, chronic illness and recovery work, she has developed a natural and compassionate ability to hold space for others as they navigate their individual healing paths. As a 500-hour certified yoga teacher, a Reiki Master, a third-year student of NiasziiHealing, and a teacher for the past 15 years, Krista facilitates private sessions, custom circles, workshops, rituals, ceremonies, and soulcraft experiences for those who seek to deepen their connection to their authentic selves. Krista offers her clients a safe, tender, nurturing, and creative soul work experience in order to identify and remove the obstacles that may be preventing the client from existing in personal freedom. Her passion for awakening her clients’ consciousness and connection opens the doorway to experience unconditional love, radical acceptance, inner peace, universal alignment, individual empowerment, and deep healing with the intention of being able to move forward on the path to creating the life they authentically want and deserve. Krista’s deepest desire and true calling is to guide others back home to themselves, to each other, and to nature through love, connection, and empowerment for the healing benefit of the individual, as well as the collective. In addition to being a healer, Krista also has a Master's Degree in Elementary Education and a certificate in the Education for Sustainability.

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