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Contact Collective

A NIASZIIH Student Healing Clinic

Bringing mystery into creation

We are a donation based healing clinic seeing clients in-person and over Zoom.

Our group of healers come together from different locations with a background and training in the WildernessFusion NIASZIIH healing philosophy- a lineage passed down from elder, scout, and shaman Stalking Wolf (

NIASZIIH healing is an earth based healing school that uses the tool of awareness to understand our limitations, our wounds as the source of our gifts, and understand how we make choices.  Using this awareness we allow ourselves to move towards what we truly desire and create space for more peace, love, joy and purpose.

We will update this page regularly with upcoming in-person and zoom clinics. (see below for dates/times)

What does a session with us look like?

We spend about 1 hour with each client. You will be asked questions to provide us with an understanding of what you would like to work on with us and any health concerns we would need to be informed of.

From there, you will work with 2-4 practitioners and we will use contact, bodywork, and/or questions to guide you in your healing process. 

We are a teaching clinic, so we have more experienced NIASZIIH healers working with less NIASZIIH experienced healers during your session with us. This ensures that we create an environment for growth, learning, and safe exploration for both the practitioners and our clients.

For your Zoom session, we ask that you find a comfortable space, without distractions, to sit/lay down during your healing session with us.

Reiki Healing

Upcoming Clinic Dates

*please note the location when you sign up for a session

(by appointment only)
Inquiries can be made via email
If you're interested in booking a zoom session let us know and we can set that up with you.
All timing is in EST

Sun. June 9th

(Accord, NY)

11am, 1pm, and 3pm

Sun. July 7th 

(Accord, NY)

11am, 1pm, and 3pm

Sun. August 25th

(Accord, NY)

11am, 1pm, and 3pm

Sun. September 22nd

(Accord, NY)

11am, 1pm, and 3pm


Contact Us

To book a session for our monthly clinic send an email or call to set up an appointment

# 914-815-2887

Payments/Donations for sessions can be made via Venmo @ContactCollective

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